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Customized T-shirt Printing Shop in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s fashion is a little different from others. Nowadays, people generally prefer western outfits. As they are cozy and beautiful. But, the people who live in Brooklyn still follow a fusion of the 90s and the current era of fashion. That’s why screen print shops are still going strong there. People love screen-printed T-shirts. And when it’s customized for you, screen print T-shirts become more special.

But only customization isn’t enough. The custom-printed T-shirts should be of high-standard quality and material. We know, there are numerous print shops in Brooklyn. Who claims to deliver the best, but do they? We doubt.

Just leave the matter of such print shops, you don’t even know about. Let us introduce you to a place where you can get all your custom needs to be done. At The Stitch N Print Store, every custom product option is available. From custom-embroidered hats to custom-printed notepads. From bags & accessories to pens, you can customize all, of a high standard at a modest price. Unlike most print shops, in Brooklyn, we provide everything in one place.

Custom T-shirt Printing

The T-shirts are here to stay forever. Custom T-shirt printing is never going to be missed by people. Especially when it’s customized. You can get it too by shopping with us. Not only custom print, but we also offer custom embroidered T-shirts too. Apart from material options, we have many color options too. In the case of embroidery, you have many different color variations to choose from. Our website provides loads and lots of artwork templates for you as well. Our offering variety is much wider than any print shop, in Brooklyn.

We not only offer printing services in Brooklyn but in many other cities in New York. Although, we deliver all across the US.

Wholesale Custom T-shirt Printing

As a retailer, restaurant owner, or just someone with a lot of loved ones, you know the value of finding high-quality, affordable customized T-shirts. That’s why our wholesale customized T-shirt printing in Brooklyn, NY is perfect for you. With our custom printing options, you can create unique designs that will stand out from the crowd and won’t be available at any other print shop in the area. You can place your order online or give us a call at 888-547-4767.

Cheap Custom Shirts Customization

Most people find it convenient to go to their nearest printing place for their customized needs. Though, ordering stuff online is more convenient, isn’t it? Especially when custom stuff online is cheaper and best-quality. Our offered custom printed T-shirts in NY City are not only superior but also eco-friendly. Even if you have a tight budget, you can shop with us. Buying wholesale T-shirts will save you a chunk of money for sure. Customize your shirt as you wish and show off in front of others. Whether you prefer a joker print on your custom shirt or a cartoon princess for your princess. You will get the same, as you wish. Try our templates now. Your cheap custom shirts await. Unlike, common T-shirts in your nearby print shop, Brooklyn. Our T-shirts are customized just for you.

Shop for Wholesale T-shirt Printing

Replace your nearest printing shop with our online services. Because online is the future. If you can order food online, then why not custom products? Low-cost, fastest turn-around time, over-the-top quality products, short runs, green printing and best customer service support. Our services are a complete package for you to grab. Fast and free delivery is also worth mentioning. That’s how we have 5-star Google ratings.

Most of the T-shirts have screen printing, in NYC. If you are also a follower of NY fashion, then custom T-shirts are a must for your wardrobe. Retailers know, how tiring it is to find a wholesaler, who supplies wholesale products at cheap prices. And then, a truck to load their products and deliver them to their shops. Too much tension. Instead, choose, customize, and get the delivery of wholesale custom T-shirts at your doorstep. With just a few clicks, you can save many hours, without procrastinating your work. Place your order, immediately. The best thing is, you don’t have to walk to any print shop, in Brooklyn. As you can order online, anytime.

Order Us

At this very moment, you just want to know the process to order online. Right? Here it is. Visit our official website,, and make your account. Then, select the product you want and customize it by deciding on the artwork you like. Additionally, pick your comfortable shipping method and make payments. Done. Get ready for fast and free delivery. Order anytime, whenever you need T-shirts now, from your ‘new’ screen printing shop. We are open for rush orders as well.


1. What materials are the custom embroidered T-shirts made of?

The custom embroidered T-shirts are made of a variety of materials including cotton, polyester, and blends.

2. What sizes are the bulk custom print T-shirts available in?

The Custom T-shirts are available in the range of XXS-5XL, for adults. Please refer to the size chart available on our website for children.

3. Can I print my logo, artwork, or design on the custom T-shirt printing in NYC?

Yes, you can print any logo, or artwork onto the custom T-shirts. Go to ‘Request a quote’ on our website. Fill in the details and drop your artwork files, of 25 MB maximum, each.

4. How should I wash my custom T-shirt to keep the design looking bold?

Machine wash your custom T-shirt, inside out. Avoid tumble drying and ironing on decorated areas. Use non-chlorine bleach, only if necessary.

5. What is the highest quality of custom T-shirt printing?

Silk screen printing of custom T-shirts is considered of the highest quality.

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